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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Sneaky revision to barbican centre new sign

You may recall that in May this year The Barbican Centre made an application to remove the 4Bs from the wall overlooking Defoe Place and replace it with lighted sign.
Following many objections, the barbican Centre revised the application, removing the sign at Defoe Place and another location.
They have now revised the application. Surprisingly notice of this revision seems not to have been sent to most of the objectors to the original scheme. The planners have written to one or more of the objectors and a copy of their letter is here

We've got until 30 November to object; details of how to comment are in the letter. If you do object, make sure you refer to the reference number reference number.


Possible grounds for objection include
Light pollution.
Light intrusion into children’s bedrooms.
Cultural vandalism; the 4Bs sign is an iconic identifier of the Barbican Arts Centre.
The proposed sign has no wayfinding benefits.
Despite assurances the absence of the 4Bs will leave witness marking which will be impossible remove without damaging the patina of the building.

And as many more as you can think of.

Tell your neighbours and get them to object